Fat Kids from Outer Space is an American-made solo artist with a collective mind.  Born in the early eighties, Fat Kids was raised on cartoons and fast food, which were strong influencers from a young age conceptually and aesthetically.  While living in Europe as a preteen, Fat Kids discovered graffiti, the work of the Dadaists, and Dutch artist Willem de Kooning.  These new discoveries, combined with the love of classic American cartoons and cheap American culture formed what is still the corner stone of Fat Kids’ visual and mental landscape.

Although graffiti has inherent social and political implications, Fat Kids prefers to work and exist outside of these alignments.  Rather creating art works that are an "alien" interpretation of the American condition, aligning with no side of any story. The characters and iconography found within Fat Kids’ body of work are a re-imagining of the signs and store clerks along the path. " I always identified more with Zippy the pinhead, than Charlie Brown".

Self Taught


Notable Shows:

 "BOMB THREAT", graffiti group show, Propeller, curated by Skylar Fein, 2011

"Character Flaws", group show, The Big Top 2013

"Buku Music and Arts Fest Live Gallery", curated by Dogslobber (2012-2017), curated by NOLA PAINT + DESIGN (2018-2019)

"Visages", with Du Mais, 2012

"ExhibitBe", P3+ Satellite location, curated by Brandan Odums, 2014

"A Love Letter to Cliff Clavin", solo show, Gasa Gasa, 2014

"Artist Spaces", group show & book, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, curated by Tina Freeman, 2015

"Cliff Clavin 2", solo show, OKAY Bar, 2017

"Tina Freeman: Artist Spaces", group show, Paul & Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, guest curated by Bradley Sumrall, 2018

“I Produced a Hip Art Show”, group show, Walter Anderson Museum of Art, juried exhibition, 2018